Quality, Efficiency, and Network



in science, Ethics and Data management


    No critical issues from Audit and Inspection

       -Audits by the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

       -Inspections by KFDA, FDA, PDMA, and EMA


       -AAHRPP accredited in December, 2012

       -SIDCER/ FERCAP accredited in 2006, 2009, 2012 

    Training and Education

       -Our staff members are quarterly trained with GCP and current regulation


by improving the facility and system


    IT implementation

      -Barcode for data and sample collection system

      -Electrical Medical Record (EMR)


      -8 per month of IRB regular review

      -2 weeks from submission to initial IRB review

      -Web-based tracking system 


to create win-win results


    Consortium : 6 local hospitals

    Domestic : Pharmaceutical companies, CRO, Academia

    Global : Pharmaceutical companies, CROs, Academia