2-4 of the GFA 1500 py of Bio-medical Research Institute is located on the ground floor of the center. May 1998 Relocated to the current building, while features of inpatient and outpatient services, nursing, and inspection personnel, and a variety of equipment and materials needed for research support and is To research and analysis to support the design of clinical studies, counseling and consultation rooms on the second floor. Actually the 3rd floor of the ward patients and healthy volunteers in clinical trials underway to study (46beds), Outpatient (8), a simple clinical pathology tests for core and sample processing lab, and administrative support for the Administrative Office, the test drug administration pharmacy is located. Layer is associated with drug analysis and special drug testing laboratory and a reference laboratory for multi-center study.


Research Ward
  • 46 Bed
  • Centralized patient monitoring system
  • TV, VCR
  • 8 Independent outpatient clinics
  • Special outpatient clinics (constant temperature and humidity chamber)
  • Waiting room, patient / guardian
Clinical Laboratory
Special features lab
  • Blood Collection Room
  • Various clinical laboratory equipment (29 species, 34)
  • Temporary Sample Storage Facilities
  • Cardiopulmonary Function Laboratory of eight (8 species, 14)
  • Metabolism Laboratory
  • Special sensory function lab (8 species, 8)
Advanced Medical Technologies Research
  • Substance Abuse Inspection
  • Drug analysis equipment          (HPLC, GC, etc.)
  • Special pharmacological experimental equipment
  • clean bench
  • Waiver automatically refining minutes
  • Clinical drug storage facilities

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